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The Reviva Mission

Our goal in creating Reviva Wellness is to share with you all that we have learned when it comes to living better, longer, happier and healthier, in essence how to achieve High Performance Living. We want to empower people to improve their quality of life and well-being with personalized IV therapies that are proven to address the very common issues we all face with being stressed, overworked with lack of sleep and a continuous exposure to food and environmental toxins.

If you’re considering NAD therapy for any reason, this is the place to come. Dr. Pontius really took the time to explain to me how the NAD therapy would help with my chronic fatigue issues. I did the first 5 treatments and couldn’t be happier, not only do I have more energy but I feel more clear minded. it’s been
life changing.

– Jenn P.

This is such a great addition to the area! Love the boost of energy you feel after having a treatment, my skin looked better, and sleeping like a rock!

– Rose S.